About Hegemony


April 24, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to Hegemony.

Some things about us. We are a small family business located in Greece, Europe. I’ve have been collecting and playing many wargames, card games and board games for more than 20 years and my biggest passion was the creation of the world itself. Fantasy gates, Buildings, towers, forests and lakes was everything I wanted to be part of my games but due to the technology itself that was in many cases impossible. Some months ago I dived into the 3d printing hobby and I was amazed of how easily could these childhood dreams became alive thanks to the evolution of 3d printing. That was the motive to start this small business.

Hegemony are licensed 3D printers for 28mm tabletop gaming terrain/miniatures.

Right now we are licensed through RMstudio terrain, 3D Alien Worlds, Black Scroll Games but we have future plans of designing our own scenery theme.

Hegemony is a small scale business and currently equipped with 5 printers. Our print times are long, in order to achieve the best results, so please be patient. Right now we print to order but we are trying to maintain a stock for the most popular products.

We’d love to listen on your feedback about our products, or anything you would like to see in our store.

Since 3d printing offers a great customization in products don’t hesitate to contact us through email or through our facebook page.


Thank you,

Bessy & Angelo